Overview of the trade show

The North African event for professionals from the red meat sector

MaroCarne & Milk is the first trade show in North Africa to unite all players from the red meat and dairy sectors. This trade show focus on the different components of these sectors, from upstream to downstream. It is the only professional sector event organized by two federations, FIVIAR and FIMALAIT, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fishing, Rural Development, Water and Forestry. The trade show sets itself apart by its professional expertise and reputation.

Technologies et innovation

Technologies and innovation

As the only trade show aiming to meet the needs of the meat and milk industries.

MaroCarne & Milk presents the latest technologies in the fields of livestock farming, as well as red meat and milk production.

Performance des élevages

Livestock farming performance

Morocco is committed to improving the genetic profile of its livestock herds, their diet and health as well as the farming conditions, in order to improve performance in meat and milk production.

MaroCarne & Milk rewards the best animals and livestock farmers’ efforts.

Produits de qualité

High-quality products

Moroccan consumers are becoming more demanding in terms of quality and variety of food products. This is why both the Government and the industry are investing in modern production units, national food safety and improved consumer access to a wide range of high-quality meat and dairy products.

MaroCarne & Milk provides information on the Governments and industry’s projects.

Investissement et affaires

Investments and business

Demand in Morocco is high and constantly increasing, and both the business environment and sectoral policies encourage investment in these sectors.

MaroCarne & Milk puts investors in touch with their future business partners.

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Pont vers l’Afrique

A bridge to Africa

Morocco has partnered up with African countries by signing several cooperation conventions in the agricultural and agribusiness sectors. MaroCarne & Milk is first and foremost a business and know-how exchange platform aiming to create links between Europe and Africa.

This year, MaroCarne & Milk will host several African delegations. For exhibitors, we are offering to set up B2B meetings with African counterparts.

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The exhibtion

MaroCarne & Milk presents 5 product ranges reflecting all the sectors of the value chain.


Livestock farming

  • Genetics, animal semen, embryos
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Artificial insemination equipment
  • Equipment relating to breeding and new biotechnologies
  • Feed production and conservation equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Milking equipment
  • Livestock feed
  • Hygiene and health
  • Pharmaceutical products


  • Slaughtering equipment
  • Cutting equipment
  • Meat preparation equipment
  • Milk conservation equipment for farms
  • Milk collection and transportation equipment
  • Dairy equipment
  • Cooling system
  • Equipment for milk processing units
  • Milk and dairy product packaging
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Ingredients
Produits finis


  • Dairy products
  • Meat products
  • Cold cuts
  • Frozen products
  • Ready-made meals


  • Point of sale equipment
  • Equipment for catering areas
  • Franchises
  • Transport


  • Research units
  • Consultancy firms
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Quality control and certification bodies
  • Financial services

MaroCarne & Milk 2015

With the last edition, the International Trade Show for Red Meat and Dairy Industries, MaroCarne & Milk has grown in reputation, both nationally and internationally.

  • Visiteurs professionnels

    Professional visitors

  • Exposants nationaux et internationaux

    National and international exhibitors

  • Pays participants

    Participating countries

  • 6000 m2

    Exhibition surface

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MaroCarne & Milk is the fruit of collaboration between the Interprofessional Red Meat Federation (FIVIAR) and the Moroccan Interprofessional Dairy Federation (Fimalait). Together, they are aiming to create a platform develop and integrate the red meat and dairy branches.

Within the framework of the “Green Morocco Plan” (“Plan Maroc Vert”), these two federations have brought all the two sectors’ associations under the same umbrella. They are thus the contact points for the Government and to represent their members’interests.

The objectives of the Federations are

  • To create a permanent forum for exchange, dialogue and coordination among the various professions in the sector.
  • To represent and defend the interests of the sectors towards the local, regional, national, and international authorities.
  • To improve the operation, control, and transparency of the market through knowledge concerning supply, demand and market mechanisms.
  • To promote the products on domestic and international markets.
  • To push push development programs, research and professional training.
  • To contribute to studies and fostering expertise, namely the consolidation of sales channels, the protection of the environment, and of consumers’ health.
  • To carry out joint activities to promote quality, hygiene and consumer safety within the framework of the regulations in force.
  • To organise and participate in national and international meetings of the red meat and dairy sectors.
  • To support the members of the federations group in order to respond to market demands.
  • To identify development projects, attract and provide guidance for investments, and ensure the various links in the chain are up-to-date and complementary.

Practical informations

MaroCarne & Milk 2018

Dates: 23 to 25 January 2019
Frequency: bi-annual
Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00
Place : Office des Foires et Expositions de Casablanca (OFEC) - Morocco


We will soon provide you with a selection of hotels located in the area of MaroCarne & Milk 2018 trade show.

How to get to MaroCarne & Milk

A transportation guide will be available to help you organise your trip to the MaroCarne & Milk.